About G7 Design Studio

G7 Design Studios is a graphic design, 3d animation and web design  company situated in the heart of Miami, Florida. Our multi-talented team combines education and experience with enthusiasm to produce work that is original, meticulous and creative.  G7 Design Studios like Miami is a tremendous fusion of international flavor.  Over the years G7 Design Studios has formed strategic alliances that provide decades of combined experience in the graphic design, photography, animation, print and web development industries to create a powerful promotion and marketing force.  We will help you define your needs, seize opportunities, overcome obstacles to success, and achieve remarkable results.  Our creative ideas will help fuel the growth of your enterprise – and will energize your employees, your partners and your target audience.  We have one goal: To help you succeed.

Our Staff

G7 Design Studios, LLC (G7) consists of a multi-dimensional group of artists that joined forces to offer full-scale media services to the public at large. The group’s creative team is comprised of talented and experienced professionals, dedicated to a level of excellence that adds charisma to the products and services of the businesses and organizations they service.